Photo by Laura Smetsers on Unsplash

The outside world has awakened this morning. As I write this, it is 9am on Tuesday. There’s a continuous flush of vehicles along the street and the occasional unwarranted blasting of the horn as they pass by. There’s a clanging somewhere, and maybe a drilling in the background. Yes, the city is indeed awake again.

Amidst it all is the call of beautiful and wondrous nature. The chirping of the birds, the swoosh of the wind rustling by and the occasional crow call. A balance of some sort perhaps for the time being.

Yet, I know in a matter of days, with this kind of human movement, Mama Earth will go back how she was before the lockdown. She was worn out, tired and overused and abused. I do not want to forget how she thrived in the last two months. I do not want to forget what the fresh air felt like and the sound of silence, except for her own calls.

In that silence and lack of human movement, I think to an extent, we’d all come to understand what it was and is to be mindful. Mindfully aware of what is around us and what isn’t. Mindfully aware of man and woman in isolation and the earth rising in glory. You’re not a hermit and I’m quite sure you’d have come across plenty of images and videos online of people around the world capturing these beautiful moments; showcasing and highlighting the beauty of our universe, albeit human interaction.

It took a global pandemic for us humans to be mindful, at least in a small way. Let us not forget what that was like, and continue to be mindful as we move forward.

We do not own the ground we walk on. We do not own the air we breathe. We do not own the water that springs up. Many of these natural resources, we have come to take for granted. It took being in isolation to appreciate and mindfully be aware of the things we have been gifted.

Use your gifts wisely, my friend.

If you do not understand or comprehend what it means to be mindful, open yourself up to the possibility of maintaining a nonjudgmental state of heightened or complete awareness of your thoughts, emotions, or experiences on a moment-to-moment basis. Think about what that means to you. Read it again, slowly.

Digest it. Be aware of it. Practice it.

In relative terms being mindful means being aware of and controlling your experience; awareness of what is around you, and experiencing it all in a calm and peaceful manner. Yes, mindfulness is a part of meditation and whilst this is no religious jargon, it is spiritual, and as humans this allows us to freely connect with Mama Earth.

Stay connected. Practice gratitude. Do not forget the gifts you have received and continue to do so as you step outside your homes. Small acts like looking up, opening your eyes to the wondrous big blue sky can be grounding and humbling. Taking a moment to inhale deeply, and exhale lovingly not only fills your lungs with fresh, cool air, but also opens up your system to positive energy around you.

Breath mindfully.

Speak mindfully.

Move mindfully.

Writer. Dreamer. Creator.